Answer the 10 questions below and send your answers to  [email protected] for a chance of winning – entries close on Friday 1st May at 12 midday. Quiz Terms & Conditions 

  1. What year did FTC open?
  2. How many offices are there at the centre?
  3. Name the business club that is run by FTC? 
  4. How many loo’s rolls does FTC use in a month?
  5. Which Broadband supplier is based at FTC?
  6. How much did FTC spend on franking post last year?
  7. Name 3 companies based at FTC.
  8. How many pints of milk are used in a year?
  9. Which of these does FTC NOT offer – Fresh Eggs, Tuck Shop or a Salad Bar?
  10. How many 1kg bags of coffee beans do we drink in a year? 

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