Suffolk Business Hub

The business network in the heart of rural Suffolk making far reaching connections from your doorstep.

The beautiful Suffolk scenery is a fitting backdrop to all the inspired and energetic people that live, work and play within the County. But it’s a well-known fact that business is always found at the very heart of every sustainable, thriving community. It provides a life blood for all that happens there – which makes Suffolk Business Hub an increasingly vital focal point as people embrace the technology that allows them to base their global business in this delightful environment.

The team behind the hub are on a mission to improve business prospects for the area and, being business people themselves, they have an intimate understanding of the vital importance of networking and interaction between like-minded folk.

Meeting Area

The Suffolk Business Hub, based at the Framlingham Technology Centre, already a thriving community of like-minded businesses, exists to facilitate meaningful B2B networking and to provide learning and development opportunities for local business. A regular programme of short business boosting workshops, friendly networking breakfasts and email notifications of other relevant issues in the county provides a platform for business growth and the creation of new ideas, partnerships and business opportunities.

With a broad range of valuable opportunities to make connections nearer to home, it’s no wonder Suffolk Business Hub has become such a popular meeting place.