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Framlingham Technology Centre – Environmental Policy and Action Plan
Framlingham Technology Centre offers a range of flexible working spaces with flexible terms, providing local businesses with convenient working spaces.

Our policy is to conduct our business responsibly and with respect for the interests of all those affected by our operations. We believe that our activities should generate economic benefits; respect the environment; and positively influence the community in which we operate.
In 2015/2016 our carbon footprint from our on-site activities (not including those under the direct control of our tenants) has been calculated to be 39.1 tCO2e.

We aim to:
• Use energy, water and other natural resources efficiently;
• Minimise waste and recycle wherever possible;
• Build long term relationships with local business partners and suppliers, favouring business partners whose standards and ethical practices are compatible with our own.
Our objectives for 2016/2017 are to:
• Measure and monitor electricity and gas consumption at the Framlingham Technology Centre;
• Install LED low energy lighting throughout the communal corridors;
• Publish our environmental policy on our website;
• Improve environmental awareness amongst staff and tenants across the building;
• Gain the Carbon Charter certification.