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Framlingham Technology Centre
Environmental Policy Statement
Framlingham Technology Centre Carries out facility management of purpose built office space for companies to hire and use.
The company employs competent staff who work full and part time for holiday cover.
The management of Framlingham Technology Centre is committed to improving performance with regards to environmental protection, prevention of pollution and compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements as they apply to the company’s activities.
The management of Framlingham Technology Centre is also committed to the continual improvement of skills levels within the workforce to ensure adequate awareness and control of the environmental impacts of its operations.
The company will fulfil its commitment by:
1) Striving to reduce the negative impacts of the company by maintaining control of the significant environmental aspects of its activities.
2) Implementing a process of continual improvement based on audits of the environmental management system and reviews of the company’s environmental aspects.
3) Maintaining up to date knowledge of and ensuring the company’s compliance with relevant environmental Legislation and guidance.
4) Providing employees with information, instruction and training to enable them to control the impacts of their activities on the environment.
5) Implementing adequate maintenance of vehicles, machinery equipment and installations to prevent unplanned environmental incidents.
6) Carrying out investigations into environmental incidents and implementing corrective and preventative actions to avoid recurrence.
This policy is reviewed from time to time, typically annually, together with the company’s environmental performance, the operation of its environmental management system and the performance against environmental improvement objectives and targets.
This policy is implemented through the Environmental Management Procedures listed within this system and through relevant operating procedures and work instructions.
This policy is communicated to all employees and contractors and may be made available to members of the public and other interested parties on request.
Signed by Environmental Owner: Ian Chapman
Dated: 12/01/2022 Document Expires: 12/01/2023